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Britalia Victoria
Britalia Victoria
Britalia Victoria

Britalia Victoria

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Frame Information

Size: 50-16-135

Color: Pink and Gold

Recommendations: Eyeglasses 

Choose Your Prescription Type

Single Vision Lenses (Reading or Distance Only) are used to correct for only one distance.  They are the same prescription throughout the entire lens.

Progressive Lenses (No Line Multifocal) provide continuous progression of vision throughout the lens.  The top part of the lens is used for distance vision (driving and tv watching). The middle part of the lens for intermediate vision (computer). The bottom part of the lens is used for near vision (reading). 

Choose Your Lens Material

Polycarbonate is a light weight and impact-resistant material. Great for safety eyewear, sports protection and children's eyewear and everyday use.

High Index 1.67 is a dense material resulting in thinner and lighter lenses. High Index lenses are especially recommended for strong prescriptions, creating eyeglasses that are comfortable to wear without the look of thick lenses. Recommended for prescriptions +/- 6.00 diopters or greater. 

Choose Your Lens Type

Standard Clear Lenses are for everyday use. 

Blue Light Protection Lenses reduce exposure to potentially harmful artificial blue-violet light. Artificial blue light can be found throughout our environment from computers, smart phones, LED's and fluorescent lights. Recommended for high digital users.

Photochromic Lenses are a convenient everyday solution to wearing eyeglasses and sunglasses. Clear indoors and dark outdoors with fast activation and fade back. Photochromic Lenses adapt to changing light as you move from indoors to outdoors environments.

Solid Tinted Lenses (Sunglasses) are the same color throughout the lens. 

Gradient Tinted Lenses (Sunglasses) have a gradual fade from dark to light usually fading from top to bottom throughout the lens.  

Polarized Lenses (Sunglasses) provide enhanced contrast and glare reduction for all outdoor activities. These lenses offer vibrant colors, sharp color detail and frontside UV protection.

Mirrored Lenses (Sunglasses) offer a fashion statement and are a great addition to your eyesight outdoors. They give you superior performance in harsh environment conditions such as the beach or skiing. 

*All our lenses include an anti-reflective coating, scratch resistant coating and UV protection.

  • Anti-Reflective Coatings reflect light off the lens surface, reducing glare and eye fatigue.  Especially helpful when driving and working on a computer. 
  • Scratch Resistant Coatings provide lenses with a harder surface that reduces scratches.
  • UV Protection provides sun protection for the wearer’s eyes blocking harmful ultraviolet light. Too much exposure to the sun can result in eye damage including cataracts and retinal damage.