Elf (3 Designs)
Elf (3 Designs)
Elf (3 Designs)

Elf (3 Designs)

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Name: Elf

Shape: Square

Size: 54-16-145

*All our lenses are made with polycarbonate material and include a standard anti reflective coating.



Single Vision: Used to correct for only one distance. Has the same prescription throughout entire lens. Used for Reading, Far Distance or Computer Distance. 

Progressive: Provides a youthful look while offering natural visual experience with a smooth transition between far, immediate and near vision. Provide a continuous progression of lens powers between all viewing distances without the visible line of bifocal lenses. 



Standard Clear: Standard Clear for everyday use.  

Blue Light Protection: Reduces exposure to potentially harmful Blue Violet Light. 

Photochromic: Adapt to changing light as you move through your day to reduce glare, eye fatigue and eyestrain for more effortless sight from indoors to outdoors.  

Polarized Sunglasses: Provides enhanced contrast and glare reduction you need outdoors. Offers vibrant colors, sharp detail and frontside UV protection. 

Mirrored Sunglasses: These coatings are bold in color and highly reflective. Mirror coatings are excellent at reducing light transmissions and ideal for people frequently outdoors. For sports choose orange, brown and yellow colors. For glare reduction choose a silver color.